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Queen’s University Queen’s University was established on October 16, 1841 in a Royal Charter issued by Queen Victoria. The document was granted after years of effort by the Presbyterians of Upper Canada to found a college for the education of ministers in the growing colony, and to instruct youth in the “various branches in Science and Literature.” 

Queen’s is located along the shores of Lake Ontario in Kingston, Ontario. There are 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students.  

Students in a classroom at Kawenna’on:we

Tsi Tyonnheht Onkwawenna (TTO) was formed in the late 1990’s as grassroots organization of community people concerned about the state of the Mohawk Language in the community of Tyendinaga. The organization was registered with Canada Revenue as a not-for-profit in 2003. Today, TTO is the sole community organization with the mandate to revitalize Mohawk language and culture, through educational and cultural opportunities. TTO is currently partnered with Queen’s University for the accredited community-based “Certificate in Mohawk Language and Culture”program with the inaugural program starting in August 2018. 

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory is located 45 minutes west of Kingston on the shores of the Bay of Quinte. The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ) are proud of the heritage, history, and culture. MBQ is part of the Mohawk Nation within the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy. Tyendinaga is also the birthplace of Tekanawita, the Peacemaker who brought the original Five Nations Iroquois Confederacy under a constitution of peace in the 12th Century (Great Law of Peace).  Eagle Hill, located in Tyendinaga, is said to be where the Peacemaker was born. 

The current membership is 9,714, of which 2,178 members live on the Territory.